Classes meet every Sunday from 9:15 to 10:20.

Sunday School provides an opportunity for ministry and fellowship among classmates.  Life-long friendships and support networks are forged in our Sunday School classes.

Class Descriptions:


children’s classes

Pre-K through 5th Grade Age
Children at GABC are grouped into age-appropriate classes with related activities and lessons. First, they have a Bible books cards floor layout, followed by a short game.  Then the class enjoys a story, and the children work on a memory verse.  Finally, the children participate in an applicable craft.



Middle-High School Age
Young adults in 6th grade through high school are welcome to attend our youth Sunday School, meeting in the Youth Room on the third floor. The youth are led by various rotating leaders, and this is a great time for our youth to get together and learn more about his word.

Rotational classes

We host two rotational classes every four months during our Sunday School hour. These classes are intergenerational and invite conversation and dialogue about a variety of topics, including things like books of the Bible, parables, biblical themes as well as book discussions on topics surrounding spiritual growth.

Over the course of the year, at least six courses will be taught by six different teachers. Participants will have the opportunity to choose from three of those. This experience varies our learning experiences and helps class members learn under a variety of teaching styles.

Classes meet in the third floor of our educational space.



Mixed Class Ages 50+
The Genesis class consists of both couples and singles, with an age range of 50 and older.  Our class began in the 1970’s under the leadership of teachers Bob and Alice Stone.  Class members are active in many roles of church life.  We plan social gatherings or dinners outside the classroom, as well.  Our Bible study involves both lecture and discussion led by our current teacher, Esther Thompson.  The Genesis class is a safe and comfortable place to seek and apply the truths revealed by God in scripture.


Ruth Fidelis

The Ruth Fidelis Class meets in room 303.  It is led by Joyce Hall and Frances Melton.  This is a warm and inviting group of ladies.  We welcome visitors!