Welcome CBFA!

Today in worship, we welcome Rev. Terry Maples, Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia. CBFVA is a partial sponsor of our summer communications intern, Abby West. Abby participated in national training last weekend with Student Church of CBF Global, who is also a partial sponsor of this internship. In the next few weeks Abby will lead us in updates to the web site, bulletin, and newsletter among other GABC communications. Today we also commission our new logo Abby designed.

“In design, I concentrated the logo for Glen Allen Baptist Church
around one central component that I feel defines the congregation: a
sense of welcome. I have never attended a church where the people are
more open and friendly than at GABC, so I wanted the logo to reflect
that feeling. With this in mind, the focus of the logo is on the people, all
connected in one unified line with a steeple overhead for the church
context.” Abby West

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