Join the Open Door class as we show our love for our Troops as well as America. Wednesday, July 11, 5:00-7:00 p.m. Work Group/Pizza Party at Tech4Troops, 4840 Waller Road (off Staples Mill near Libbie Mill-Old FEDEX Building). 

  • Many thanks for the computers donated by members of the GABC family.  One lot of 50 computers is going to a new Veteran’s Center in Milwaukee this week.  More are needed.  Have an old computer you don’t need?  It will be wiped of all data and new hard drive installed to help a veteran get a job or apply for well earned benefits. Get it to Matt Davidson or bring on the 11th.
  • Can you turn a screwdriver? Eat pizza? Come join us to take apart some computers to help Mark Casper and his crew.  Slots for 10 people. Contact Matt Davidson to sign up. 

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