Shoebox Ministry / Merry Christmas!

It is time to begin collecting items for our shoebox ministry.  On October 23 we will fill shoeboxes with Christmas gifts for children all over the world.  August 2-4 is tax-free weekend for school supplies and would be a great time to shop.  Need ideas?  We need “wow” items, such as dolls, stuffed animals, shoes, games.  Other items might be toy cars, jump ropes,

yo-yos, toys that light up, Play-Doh, washcloths, school supplies, etc.  (A more comprehensive list will be in next Sunday’s bulletin.)  Please do not include candy, war-related items, toothpaste, gum, liquids of any kind, or glass or breakable items.

You will soon see big Christmas boxes around the church to place your items.  If you are unable to shop but would like to make a monetary donation, please see a member of the Missions Committee:  Tom Ball, Suzanne Jenkins, Susan Taylor, Mary Daniels, Gwen Steinbrecher, or Linda Davidson.  At a later date, we will ask for donations for postage.  Thank you for your generosity!

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