Missionary Moment for August

Last month, the middle school youth went on a mission trip with Passport, a youth camp that combines worship, training, and mission opportunities into one very full week of service. While this week makes a great impact in the lives of our teens each year, the ministry of Passport reaches much farther than a one week-long mission camp for teens. As our teens return, Passport is just getting started on the summer schedule including over 30 camps and trips around the country for students beginning in 3rd Grade. Elementary students are taught about missions through hands-on interactive training in their camp environment at PASSPORT kids. PASSPORT missions and PASSPORT choices are camps for middle and high schoolers that include more opportunities to put training into practice through service. Passport’s Mission BASE mission trips take students into large city environments allowing for an immersive experience into the culture and realities of communities such as Birmingham, Atlanta, Memphis, and Washington D.C. Passport also has a global impact through their project, “Watering Malawi”, which seeks to provide access to clean water, sanitation, and irrigation systems for rural communities in Malawi. Please be in prayer for the impact of this ministry as they continue their work through the month of July and into August.

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