Young Professionals, or 3G’s
103Grace Growth and Gratitude is made up primarily of young men and women who grew up in the church and have returned after completing their education as well as young women and men who have moved to Richmond and established Glen Allen Baptist as their new church home and 3G’s as their small group connection.  Some are couples, and some are single. Some have children, and some do not.
The group was established and led for six years by our previous pastor’s wife, Kathryn.  Dr. Norman retired in 2017, and weekly lessons are now led by various members of our group!


When 3Gs were established in the spring of 2011, some of the first lessons were on Paul’s ministry and missionary trips.  After a lesson on Growth and another on Gratitude (his prayer for the church in Corinth) we initially thought:  Growth and Gratitude.  Soon thereafter the lesson focused on Grace (as in saved by…) and hence the name Grace, Growth and Gratitude or, more affectionately, 3Gs.


3Gs are an adventurous group.  Sky diving, snow tubing, scuba diving, softball games, movies…and food is always central to their get-togethers whether lunch after church, dinner at their teacher and pastor’s home, or picnics at the pumpkin patch or Monticello.

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