Men’s Open Door Class

The Men’s Open Door class consists of mostly middle-aged and senior men.  Many are long-time members of both Glen Allen Baptist Church and the community.  They are retirees and working men, business owners, tradesmen, salesmen, and engineers to name a few of their occupations.  They are fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and some are even great-grandfathers.

The class began some 3 or 4 decades ago as a couple’s class.  Over time the class evolved into a men only class until in the mid 2000’s when it was named the Men’s Open Door class.  This name reflects both the class’s gender and attitude; men only and an open door to anyone regardless of age or background.

The Men’s Open Door class is involved in a variety of church activities.  Over the past few years the chefs in the class have toiled over hot fryers, cooking battered fish and hush puppies for the church’s annual fish fry.  Some members of the class also participate in the handyman ministry where a group of church volunteers make repairs to homes in the community.  The class has occasional informal social events at members’ homes.

Class always begins with the singing of “Standing on the Promises”, sometimes sung on key and with the aid of a very loud piano or electronic keyboard.

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